Tattoo Removal

WE OFFER Tattoo Removal ( without laser surgery) at A-Ok Custom Tattoo. Our goal is to remove as much ink as possible in each session, with the least amount of pain and trauma to the area necessary, with NO SCARRING!!



- The procedure is similar, but NOT the same, to getting a tattoo.

DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING, OR AT HOME!! (even an experienced tattoo artist will get very undesirable results if not trained properly)



-This has been a medically proven and respected method of tattoo removal that has been successful since 1888.

-this method has been tested over 600 times in medical research

-French scientist Variot G. Nouveau introduced this removal technique in 1888



-Safe and Effective.

-High rate of removal with NO SCARRING!

-Proven to remove ALL pigment colors : our Tattoo Removal Solution's small molecule slips between the epidermis and stimulates collagen growth beneath the skin allowing for no scarring from multiple tattoo removal sessions.

-Ink removed in fewer sessions than laser surgery

-Less expensive than laser surgery

-Heals similarly to a tattoo -if proper aftercare is followed (aftercare provided)


$ Pricing for tattoo removal is based on size of your tattoo, for a personal quote, contact A OK Tattoo for initial free consult.

For a more detailed study on the medical records of tattoo removal, reference variot method or chemical extraction via medical journals. 


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Your Tattoo Artist 

Amy has been tattooing professionally since 2000. Her focus is custom artwork with personal meaning. she enjoys all styles of tattoo art, as well as fine art. ultimately wants to give tattoo collectors a permanent piece of art that they will love forever.

Also, she has been removing tattoos, with the variot method since 2005.
Now we offer tattoo lightening in combination with tattoo coverups to make sure you can cover existing ink with whatever you wish.


We offer a comprehensive after-care program that will aid in the healing process. If you are unsure or have issues with healing, please stop by and talk to A OK Tattoo. 

After Care

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